Personal Training

If you are serious about your fitness and fancy some dedicated training designed exclusively with you in mind then face to face personal training is for you. Sessions can be held in the gym, at home, in the workplace – at any location to suit you and sessions are available as single sessions or can be booked as a block of lessons.

Group Sessions

If you prefer safety in numbers then a class might be the way forward for you when it comes to training. Ben runs classes throughout the region or why not book a group session with your friends, family or work colleagues at a location of your choice.

Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning programme is a structured and in-depth approach to training or physically preparing for an athletic event or sport based hobby. This involves either consultation or coaching from our qualified specialist with an advanced understanding of how to optimise your training to achieve your desired goal.

It is a comprehensive approach to preventing injuries, Improving performance and optimising athletic efficiency. Our approach is predominantly gym based, however not exclusively as it  depends on what an individual or their sporting event requires.


Ben’s sports massage sessions involve a free 15 minute consultation followed by 45 minutes of specific sports massage targeting all those areas where we ache most after exercise from your back to your arms to your legs.

You don’t have to be a top sportsman or woman to need a sports massage, Women who wear high heels and are on their feet all day would benefit as would someone after a hard day’s work.

Wedding Packages

If you are preparing to tie the knot and want to look and feel your best for the big day then why not invest in one of Bens’ specially designed wedding packages aimed at getting the bride, groom, ushers, bridesmaids, everyone involved in the big day distracted from the stresses of organising a wedding and feeling fit and toned for all those group photos?

Why not treat the bride and groom to a package as a pre-wedding gift or how about a hen party with a difference to get everyone shipshape for the occasion.

Client Stories

Without Ben’s assistance, I would still be performing to a 'satisfactory' level. However with his expertise, I am now not only performing at the highest standard but also enjoying my training and reaping the benefits.

Ben’s professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge and personal skills are outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and fitness levels.

Andy GarrattFA Barclays Premier League Assistant Referee

I have been training for several years, it’s only since I training with BW Personal Fitness that I have seen an improvement in all areas. My stamina has gone from being a weakness to one of my strengths, also since I started my training with BW Personal Training that I have realised how important it is to strengthen your core area. My trainer Ben has explained everything I do and the reasons for doing the exercise. My plan for the future is to continue on my road to achieve my goals with my trainer.

Michael Pulman

My time with BW Personal Fitness was both enjoyable and highly rewarding. We agreed what the best course of action was to reach my targets. Ben came up with both the means and the encouragement to get myself there. I lost 2 Stones within the first month and now I can run in excess of 5 miles, unbelievable. Thanks Ben.

Marvin gay

Ben developed a staged approach to my training, taking into account my physical barriers, personal preferences and his understanding of my capability, as opposed to my perceptions of my capability.

I am confident that personal training has had a dramatic effect on my physical capability, my fitness levels and my personal confidence and that this journey will continue on this positive note. There is only one thing left to say, a heartfelt thank you!

Martine Bird

I have work hard but Ben knows how much to push me and his commitment motivates and encourages me, I have found Ben to be friendly and easily approachable with any problems and constantly concerned about the welfare and previous injuries, I have benefited greatly from his knowledge. In the past months I have seen a huge difference in my fitness levels, muscle tonnage and body.

Liz Astbury

Over the ten months I have lost 3 ½ stone, which has been down to motivation on both sides and dropped down 3 sizes in clothes. Although I have been training with Ben for 10 months I still feel motivated by him and he has the experience to keep the training fresh and new. I have recommended Ben to my brother who has now started to train with him and is seeing the same results that I continue to see.

Karen Brady


For a limited time only you can claim your no obligation fitness consultation where we’ll go through your existing frustrations and plan out a road map to your dream fitness goals.